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A Couple Of Questions



1. I have a Kestrel, Latron, Hikou, Dread, Paris, and a Braton, Out of these weapons, which are viable for lategame? And, what weapons could you suggest that are viable in lategame that are not so hard to make?


2. Similar question, my frames are Excalibur and Oberon. Which of these stay relevant in lategame?


3. When do I start doing Void missions? I tried doing Void missions with a friend but we got decimated too easily.



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1. Dread and Hikou if modded right. I'd say Paris and Latron if they were Prime.


2. I'd say Excalibur mainly for the Radial Blind. Oberon for the heals, but Trinity is a much better healer.


3. T1 Void missions could be done at anytime. T2 is the same, just bring some of your best gear. T3, stay away from it if you're not very experienced with Warframe, meaning you don't have proper equipment or so. It's supposedly 'end game' right now.

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Latron is solid, so id the Dread and paris. I'd suggest Despair or Kunai as well as the Prime versions of the Latron/Paris. As well as the Soma/Boltor Prime.


If you have the Wraith Vipers; or the DEX Furis [decent alternitive] they're one of the best sidearms in the game.


2; Oberon is a disappointing support frame, with the copycat Crush ability; Really depends on your playstyle, neither really are good late game, they taper off.


3; Start Void tower 1, progress to 2, and have a decent party for tower 3. Tower 3 is top tier/end game type damage.

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Thanks for the quick reply, guys. So, um, any suggestions for other frames and melee weapons that I should aim for? And, how good is the Vauban frame (mostly for soloing)?

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i once bought a latron with MAG just basic build no currupted mod or nightmare mod, i survived a T3 survival for 30+ min ended up with 300+ kill just by spamming pull.


i bet Excalibur would be able to do better. Try stick with latron and slowly work your way up for latron prime, it a pretty solid gun toward end game. Latron prime part are pretty easy to get, or u can get a full set around 20plat.



ps: wasted a forma on my latron prime T_T

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