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~Warframe Fanart~ By Nzgamer New - Highlander Rhino


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Hey guys, I'll be posting art usually every week, If I don't I'm usually busy, with school, and what not, so PLEASE be patient. I'll be working on more art throughout the week, and should be up in a week or two. Enjoy though!


Here's is my first and latest piece of artwork, Highlander Rhino! I spent around 4 hours drawing this. Inspired by Calayne's Warframe: Depowered Art collection :D Check him out here --> https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/119616-warframe-depowered-medieval-frame-132-volt-the-duelist/page-13




"Leave me land, and thou shall not suffer. Pester me further, and thou shall have no hands by the mornin'". - Rhino.

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