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Melee Damage Diversity (Or Lack Thereof)


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While what I've played of Melee 2.0 has been interesting (except stance farming) when you take a decent look at melee weapons, you find that there's a stupidly large amount that are biased towards or entirely slash. It's frankly uninteresting and leads to a lot of weapons simply being worse than others because they do the same thing but worse. I think that there needs to be some real damage type diversity between melee classes (with some weapons in a 'class' being somewhat different if necessary)


Let me know if I forget anything, but this is wot I think: Curved-bladed swords should be biased towards slash, axes should be biased towards impact and slash, scythes should be puncture and slash, large, straight-edged swords should be somewhat balanced (like the Galatine, which should use a variety of thrusting and swinging animations), and hammers should be impact/puncture biased, though more towards impact. Polearms like the Bo and Amphis should be impact focused with high utility of some sort.


Fisted weapons are really where stuff gets thrown off at, unfortunately (and machetes, I guess?)



As a side note, some weapons need total damage numbers increased or lowered, too. Galatine's a big one here, it probably needs a base of 60 damage or something.

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mhm, every Melee Weapon doing the same thing, basically means one of them is to be used, and all of the rest discarded, because one of them is going to be clearly superior.


we need Weapons that serve different purposes in order for them all to be used.


for example:

Ring Runner has a downright absurd plethora of Weapons in the game, yet, all of them serve a purpose. there's a few that actually are somewhat similar to each other, such as two different types of Shotguns, but even those, one is a 'Marksman Shotgun', and the other has a lot of spread and limited range.


but other than that, there's enough Weapon choices to get completely lost in(a good thing!), and every Weapon feels UNIQUE. choosing a Weapon is a timely process, and an enjoyable one, as each Weapon is distinctly different from each other, and pairs well with many different Playstyles.


that's what Warframe needs to do.


Melee isn't exclusive to this problem either. Guns also suffer from many options being intended for the exact same purpose, rather than ones that fill different roles. 

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Melee weapon damage depends on the type of weapon, swords by their nature do slash damage, daggers puncture, and weapons like maces, staves and hammers impact. The only exceptions are those with innate elemental damage.

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DE has yet to really and truly implement the idea of a sidegrade. Stances are probably the first occurrence of sidegrade options in the game. For the majority of weapons, player choice only exists between "what is ideal", and "what is fun". Sometimes to the two match up, often times they don't. You then either have to choose compelling gameplay, OR effective gameplay. Hopefully we see less of this in the future. I am not saying that every weapon in the game should be equal. It makes sense that tiers exist, and that higher mastery weapons have some edge. It's fine to upgrade from weapon to weapon in the same role, as long as it doesn't lead to less than 10 weapons outshining everything else by MILES.

Here's hoping that we get things closer to being sidegrades in relation to relative power. Things have gotten better throughout the life of Warframe, but powercreep has undermined weapon longevity at every turn. For new players this almost instantly becomes clear, as they experience the game with players who do have some of the "in" weapons, they quickly realize that the weapons they find "fun" are LARGELY underperforming, and that they will become useless in the very near future. This very quickly undermines any satisfaction a player might get from a specific weapon type/gameplay style.

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DE has yet to really and truly implement the idea of a sidegrade. Stances are probably the first occurrence of sidegrade options in the game.

even Stances don't seem to Sidegrade well, some of them seem to make your Melee Weapon deal exorbitantly higher Damage than others.

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Far as fists go...


Furax can be all Impact with high status chance to customize them

Obex could be Impact/Electric, good status chance

Kogake can be Puncture/Slash balanced evenly since they look like claws

Ankyros could be Slash since it has big &#! blades


In B4 "nuuu i dun liek changez cuz iz mai favorite wepon!!!"

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