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Bleedout Bug (Trinity Downed While Casting)


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Ok, so Yesterday (16/4/2014) I encountered a strange bug. I wasn't sure which thread to place this so the general bugs thread was a good start. Unfortunately I couldn't submit the EE.log file and I imagine this would be quite difficult to reproduce, so I will try my best to explain....


So, I was playing a T3 survival mission with some alliance members (I was a client, not host). I was playing as trinity, and the bug happened around the 30 minute mark...


The bug:


I was downed while casting blessing, Probably at the precise moment blessing should have come into effect. So I was kind of knocked down, stayed there for about 10 seconds and then sort of flipped back up as if I just got knocked down. nobody rescued me, I just got back up? For the next 10 mins gameplay was incredibly difficult, as I could only get my mouse to move around half the screen (as if downed, where you cant shoot behind you, just in a sort of cone shape in front) and could also not use melee, although I could use my primary weapon....

This meant I could only attack a handful of enemies that were within the correct angles, and navigating to collect energy was just as difficult.


This bug, however, resolved itself at around 43 mins in, when I was downed again, (this time being properly rescued by iron skin rhino), things then returned to normal.


So, has anybody experienced an issue similar to this?

I guess one remedy would be to add a short period of invulnerability to the cast.. (maybe the last 0.2 seconds or something) or maybe it was just a bit of a latency issue between client/host. either ways I would love to hear of your thoughts, or of similar issues to see if this was isolated or more widespread..


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I did a similar feat with Rhino. I was running a solo Jupiter defence. I was about to get down, then cast Iron skin at the same moment as death came. I went into a downed state (IN SOLO) and could not die nor did I get back up after five minutes. I had to abort the mission. This was before update 14 however.


This is why invincibility is dangerous! 



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