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Helmet Customisation. Remove Hydroid's Eyepatch Or Valkyr's Collar


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Helmets could use a little more customisation. When you go to customise something; there's about a dozen empty spaces and only about one or two alternatives are there. This is especialy true for helmets. 





Should be immortal skins for helmets that can be turned on independently from the rest of the skin. 



Option to use the default helmet should the player have ever possessed that frame in the past or unlocked it to 30. For example I've ranked and sold ember at 30 so I should be able to use that helmet on the prime frame. However i've never built the original frost so i shouldn't be able to use the standard frame's helmet on my prime. 



Specific frames; 



-Option to use unopened and symmetrical helmet. 

- Option to Not wear the collar or, the first alt helmet is unlocked, use that collar that goes with that helmet. 



-Option to remove the eyepatch. 



-Hemlock for some reason isn't available for preview. I haven't bought it, but its still an issue. Option to flip the helmet if it's asymmetrical. 



-option to move the hat around with the alt helmet. 



-Option to turn the flames off on prime

-Alternate crests for each helmet. 



-Building swindle unlocks the dangle decorations for the other helmets. 

- alternative dangly things



- Option to hide the hideousness of prime



- alternative 'hair' at the back of pendragon

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