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Trading For Platinum



Just wanted to know what players usually trade for with Platinum and what the prices are


I need a little bit of platinum to buy some extra weapon and warframe slots so i was looking into maybe getting things that players are willing to play platinum for.

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Prime Parts,


Corrupted Mod (Overextended, Fleeting Expertise, etc.),


Maxed Rank 10 Mods (Serration, Hornet Strike, etc.)


Nightmare Mod (Vigor, Lethal Torrent, Hammershot, etc.)


Multishot Mod (Split Chamber, Hell's Chamber, Barrel Diffusion)


Stance Mod.



These were the things I traded for Platinum, and I have not traded for quite a while now.

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On a very general level:


This is a market driven by supply and demand fundamentals. Things that go for plat tend to be things a) in short supply b) the new hotness or c) time consuming to get.


Mods - forget the "rarity" on the mod. Some mods are labeled "uncommon" but are hard to come by - Stormbringer was like this for a long time. Good nightmare and corrupted mods can get some plat but most regular mods do not.


"Max rank" mods - This is a question of changing platinum for time/effort. Maxing a mod only adds substantial value for high rank mods. Things like Serration, Redirection, etc with 10 ranks are very difficult to max, and therefore there's a value with that. I always laugh when someone thinks maxing a rank 4 mod makes it worth any more. 


Prime parts - this depends entirely on supply. New prime weapons/frames always command high prices at first, and as demand drops and supply increases, the prices drop. 


It's really impossible to answer your question succinctly - there are too many items and the market fluctuates a lot. You'd be better served to scan the trade channel for a while and you'll see what items people think have value. But remember, it's dominated by a lot of sellers and few buyers, and just because someone asks for 125p doesn't mean they actually get it.

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