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Hydroid Puddle Framerate "waving"


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Was playing on Ceres Dark Sector defense with a Hydroid. Whenever he used his puddle my framerate would start "waving"

It's hard to explain...it wasn't exactly like the game started stuttering...more like the game would go somewhat into slowmotion...but this wasn't constant as long as he's in that form.

It would be 1 second fast 1 second slow 1 second fast 1 second slow. The game will just feel SUPER sluggish for one second and then feel okay again for a second...almost as if the animation of the puddle playing had something to do with that. (or with the rain in combination with the puddle)

This would also happen while Im NOT looking at the puddle...the mere existance of the puddle on this rainy map seems to mess with my game.

On other maps I did not experience this slowdown...just on the new shipyard, and only when in outside areas where it's raining.

CPU 7850K Quadcore @ 5.2GHZ (latest release driver)
GPU Geforce 750 Ti (latest beta driver 337.50)
16GB DDR3 Ram @ 2400 Mhz
Sound Output: Onboard Realtek HD Audio

I don't believe that my machine would be too weak to run this map or effect...I would suspect something being wrong here if it isn't connected to the beta drivers.

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