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Hotfix 13.0.6+13.0.7+

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Reduced health of Solar Rails for quicker conflicts.

This is a good change, but it's not going to solve all the problems, simply because players don't want to have to wait a day just to farm their dark sector nodes. You guys really should make the invasion missions more rewarding (Tenno specters drop stances? Allowing DS bonuses to apply to tower invasion missions?), and also add a grace period of a day or two during which time clans can't deploy to begin contesting a tower, because some people just can't get on in the 24 hour period they have before the dark sector node closes up again and they'd really like to farm infested.


Reduced the XP boosts across Dark Sectors.

What. Why did you guys do this? The good XP boosts were the major reason why people went to dark sectors. Without those there's not nearly as much point to having the system at all. With the high XP bonuses, there was a reason to operate even in high tax sectors, now there isn't.

I implore you guys to revert this change.


Fixed an instance of the screen being permanently obscured when a Specters uses Radial Blind and dies before it wears off.

Well, that's good then. Edited by Cpl_Facehugger
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