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Vampire Warframe (No, It Does Not Sparkle)


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Just a little idea I've been dreaming up and wanted some opinions on it. Trinity kind of meets this, but she's just not the DPS-oriented frame I've imagined.


Basically, it would be called Sanguis or something like that, could be a male or female frame, either works. It would have low health and shields, but be fast and have a lot of self-healing capabilities.


Basically the first ability would do a set amount of base damage to the target, and then put a DOT on it that continuously drains it of it's hp, healing Sanguis for the amount dealt this way. If the target dies before the effect is over, all remaining healing is done immediately.


The second ability would be an AoE "battle cry" type thing like other frames have that effects the caster and all squad members in the vicinity. This would give a temporary "aura" effect that would continuously drain a small amount of hp from any nearby enemies. 


The third ability is one that I came up with from play a vampire in Elder Scrolls and what not, basically it outlines the life-force of any enemies in range and allows Sanguis to see them no matter where they are, even through walls. And I was thinking that it could be a kind of thing where the more % of total health an enemy has, the brighter the outline will glow.


The ultimate ability would be an large AoE effect quickly drains large amounts of HP and Shields from all enemies in range, and paralyzes them as they are effected by this.



While I do fancy myself some-what of an artist, there's no way in hell I could get a sketch of a warframe done and have it be good enough to compare to some of the other fan art done so far, so we'll just have to use our imagination for this one lol


Any thoughts on something like this?

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Trinity not Offensive? Try Link with Penta or Castagnas XD Hit yourself while having Link and Blessing active...

I didn't say trinity wasn't offensive, I just said that she wasn't the pure-damage warframe I imagined for this. I see her as a type of smite-healer like the disc priest build in WoW.


Trinity is a healing support frame with a dps as a side effect, while Sanguis is a dps assault warframe with healing support as a side effect.

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This is wrong Forum section for this thread.



And Vampire warframe might be a bit OP, with all that leeching. Also, was suggested around 9493478207540 times.

I'm not trying to make a suggestion to DE or give feedback I just had an idea and wanted to see what other people thought of it. 


My idea for having the leeching be less OP is just by having it be small amounts mostly and have it have really low base shields and health. 


And yeah, I'm sure it's been suggested a bunch, but meh. I'm not going to go scouring through the forums to make sure somebody else didn't already have my idea.

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