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New Clan Things: Rank - Roles, New Decorations, Small Fixes, Etc


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Hi, before you read the things I have written I just wanna tell you that somethings are pretty stupid as a big picture but can be fun as a time wasting thing you can do in the dojo if you are sick of grinding . 


Well have fun reading and plz leave a comment or 2, as long as its nothing offensive ^^



Big Garden rooms, Oracle and Observatory shows default Emblan on the Banners :(



Can't Place decorations in some big gardens even if you make them small.



Frogs/ Frog like creatures  in the Gardens with water. We hear Frog sound but see noting. Would be nice with some small birds or insects like grass hoppers and etc.



More nature Decorations, Grass, Bamboo, other three sorts (Cherry blossom, apple threes), Cactus, Lotus flowers, flesh eating, planets if DE decide to get insects in (may be to mush), etc



Bigger pvp Dojo rooms as they are so small.



A glass window in the pvp Dojo rooms that fells down instead of an force field as it doesn't work.



Different types of elevators like a cross elevator, where there are a cross room and in the middle is an elevator.



Stairs, both as decoration for bigger rooms and as Stair room(if you want to run down instead of taking elevator).



Multi floor rooms, with benches that you can site on, with a touch of the old clan design for those that miss it (I'am one of them)



Color design change in dojo, can be of already preset colors.



Being able to increase the Capacity of Decoration in rooms with help of Platinum.



"Working" Barrack, just for fun so you can go in and lock around the pods plus if you look true the glass there is an extra door then you can use it to build further and Barracks wont need to be an Dead End.



For those that are in alliances:


Space ships/ teleport rooms so you can easy visit other clans that exist in you alliance, and even help them with resources if they need it.



Clan - Roles that would be nice:


1. MOTD Role - (Message of the Day), as I use it to keep track of inactive members. If they report to me or a Daimyo as they are called in my clan, that they will be inactive and how long they wont be kicked. But as Daimyo's can't write in the MOTD it's a huge set back.


2. Split Architect in 2: 1st Decoration Role - so you can place Decorations. 2nd Construction Role -  being able to build Dojo rooms.

This is so that members you don't wont to be able to change the rooms looks, still can have their little fun with Decos.







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