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No Possability To Reach You Guys


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If been trying to loggin to Warframe for like two days now. I even tried to reach your websites or the support which is not possible. I can't even load the sides nor get the launcher to connect to the Update Server. The only reason I was able to write this post is cause I used a ProxyServer to connect and load this Side. The Support is still not reachable cause some genius gave the Tickets a Category option wich is so nicely designed it can't be loaded by a Proxy. Thanks for that :D.

This is my last chance to reach you guys somehow cause everything else failed. I dont know what u did but u did a great job in being unreachable like damn Ninjas.

The Problem is not caused by the used Browser i already tried what i could find in general on your support site (Internet Explorer etc.). It is also not caused by my Router (reseted already, Power off tactic, lifted all port restrictions, and things like that). The problem must be caused by Waframe itsself cause i can still enjoy Internet and all of its features.

Im looking forward to ur response Help in this case cause this is nearly the last trick i can pull to contact you. As it is already Hard enough to get here i would appreciate it if u could send me a Mail to my Account Mail addresse which i will not post in this Forum u will need to look it up in your database if possible in anycase, if not ill try checking this post later somehow again.

Sorry for the bad English im actually German.

Btw its pretty great to tell on the support site that if you cant open the warframe website pls write a Ticket to the support. Pretty great that you can only write a support ticket if you go to Warframe website and lock in I like that hast quite some style.

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19.04 warframe is still under DDOS an endless Wave of DDOS Corpus attacks the Warframe COM Center Making (only my connection, regarding to my friends) impossible an information i ofc overlooked in the first place mindlessly raging in a forum searching for help. Seems like I wasted my time so I'll try something else. How can I close this?

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