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Latest Hotfix Is Now Causing The Game To Crash Constantly.


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GTX 780
i5 4570

PC barely even warms up when playing this game on max. Frames are always 60... the game itself will just lock up for no reason, then crash.


Before the hotfix, the game would at time lock up, but would not crash. Now it is. So whatever you guys did only increased the previous problem so now with that being said you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. As in, make the game not crash, and also make it stop locking up for no reason.

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Can confirm this, after hotfix tried playing ODD both times, both times it suddenly freezes and crashed (before reaching wave 5). 

Just giving the bugs numbers (in case they are useful)

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I confirm this. 



16g ram

AMDfx 8320


Come on you guys. You're better than this. Now you need a hotfix to fix the hotfix which was to fix other bugs...lets not make this a habit, eh?


Also, side note: hasn't happened in a regular game, just dark sectors for me.

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