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Bo Prime Handle
Loki Prime Systems
- Ankyros Prime Blueprint: 1P (x3)
- Ankyros Prime Gauntlet: 8P (x3)
- Bo Prime Ornament: 6P
- Boar Prime Blueprint: 2P (x4)
- Boar Prime Receiver: 2P
- Boar Prime Stock: 6P (x2)
- Boltor Prime Stock: 2P (x5)
- Braton Prime Blueprint: 2P (x2)
- Bronco Prime Barrel: 1P
- Bronco Prime Blueprint: 4P (x5)
- Burston Prime Barrel: 10P (x3)
- Burston Prime Stock: 2P (x2)
- Dakra Prime Blade: 6P
- Dakra Prime Blueprint: 3P (x2)
- Dakra Prime Handle: 4P (x2)
- Ember Prime Chassis: 2P
- Ember Prime Helmet: 4P (x3)
- Frost Prime Chassis: 4P (x3)
- Frost Prime Helmet: 4P (x2)
- Glaive Prime Disk: 2P (x2)
- Latron Prime Reciever: 4P (x4)
- Latron Prime Stock: 4P (x3)
- Orthos Prime Blade: 15P (x2)
- Orthos Prime Handle: 6P
- Mag Prime Blueprint: 1P
- Mag Prime Chassis: 1P
- Paris Prime Blueprint: 2P
- Paris Prime Lower Limb: 2P (x2)
- Paris Prime String: 4P
- Paris Prime Upper Limb: 6P (x2)
- Reaper Prime Blade: 7P
- Reaper Prime Blueprint: 4P
- Sicarus Prime Blueprint: 1P (x4)
- Sicarus Prime Barrel: 3P (x2)
- Burning Wasp: 10P 15M (x2)
- Clashing Forest: 4P 15M (x3)
- Constitution: M 10P
- Crossing Snakes: M 20P
- Energy Channel: M P
- Flow: M 12P (x6)
- Hell's Chamber: M 20P
- Hollow Point: M 12P
- Iron Phoenix: M 15P
- Malignant Force: M 16P
- Master Theif: M 15P
- Natural Talent: 30P (x2)
- Overextended: 30P
- Pistol Ammo Mutation: 5P M15
- Rage: M 30P
- Reaping Spiral: M 15P (x5)
- Shattering Storm: 10P (x4)
- Shimmering Blight: M 20P (x2)
- Sinking Talon: M 20P
- Sprint Boost: M 30P
- Split Chamber: M 20P (x4)
- Vicious Spread: 6P 16M
- TI: Capture, Defense, Mobile Defense, and Survival. (1P Each)
- TII: Survival. (2P Each)
- TIII: Defense. (3P Each)
- All parts listed are Prime.
- (#P) = Number of Platinum.
- (x#) = Number of items in Stock.
- I am more inclined to trade than buying.
- If a Trade is acepted, I will have to be invited as my Dojo is new and underconstruction, so no Traiding Posts are active just yet.
- Most Prices are negotiable, and Trades are always one-for-one. If you have what I want, then you can have whaterver you want that's on the list, unless stated otherwise.
- I would buy the things that I'm looking for, but I don't have much in the way of Platinum.
- PM me in-game if online, or just leave a request here in this post.
- Please read carefully, an request only things listed here. Thanks!
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