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Dojo Reactor Bug : How To Do It


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Now, I'm sure you (or some of you) will be wondering. Bug? What's this about? Don't worry, this is harmless and it's just for fun.


Now, I'm sure some of you have noticed that the Reactor in our dojo is actually a 4-story room, and we can only access the 2nd floor 


With this little bug (or should I say, loophole), you can access the other floors. How? Let me explain.


There's a little loophole in this spot that will let you go up and down 




If you fall down on that spot, you'll be greeted by this



You've reached the first floor. Cool, right?



Now, how to get back up?

It's simple. Just go up to this spot 



Climb the balcony, and then climb this wall 



Doing a wall jump will initiate the respawn and you should be back thx to it


(Of course, you can do it the hard way by wall running at the spot where you fell)



Technically, you can go up by abusing this loophole (Yes, you really can), but somehow I can't do it (I wonder if it's because of my fat Rhino, but everytime I hit the edges of the balcony, I fall off). But, a friend of mine managed to do it. Here's the pic : 


3rd floor explored :



and them, 4th floor explored




Now, I'm sure some of you think you can go to the 'Black Void of Infinite Fall' through that exposed ceiling. Unfortunately, DE thinks of everything. The ceiling's blocked :P

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Haha, I did this back in December by being clumsy in the reactor room and was intrigued by the lower/upper floors. Naturally the other 2 people in my clan (tis a friends-only clan) came to investigate too. Totally need to have something going on in those rooms ;_;


Stick a lift in there and maybe have vault storage or something.


Also back in December the doors were pitch black; dfyscg.jpg

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