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Is It Impossible To Find Delta Beacons?


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i have been playing since the hotfix they did to "reduce the drop rate" for delta beacons, and i've yet to find even one. always go with a party of 4 from my clan, but none of us have found a delta beacon at all.... we've got enough for at least 3 keys with the other beacons, but have yet to find even 1 delta beacon. is there a particular part of ceres that has a better chance than the others? we've tried def missions, survivor missions, and other missions as well, and we've even brought in a neckros to try to help, still no luck. 

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It is impossible to single post?


I got Delta Beacons the first day they came out of Ceres. It's just a matter of RNG, but I think Hijack missions have a very good chance of spawning Prosecutors.


@Ishki - He's looking for beacons, not Cleave or Vay Hek.

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Survival missions on Ceres (switch between the two of them)

Bring Nekros, Nova (and more Nekros) to kill everything

Everyone have Melee of each elemental type

Hack prosecutors to bits with melee of same type

Desecrate like crazy on all the pieces for 2 or more drops


Get delta beacons after doing 3+ survival runs or rng

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How many hundred omega beacons should I have before I get my first delta beacon?


I made 7 keys.


So, including what I have left :


14 Delta beacons.

51 Gamma beacons.

85 Kappa beacons.

220 Omega beacons.

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