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Tranquil Cleave Third Attack Movement Stopping


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Anybody else is mildly annoyed with their tranquil cleave because of this? You slice once, twice, and then the third slice makes your warframe stop moving.


I'm usually in situations where I attack an enemy and my third attack stops me while the enemy moves away from me, making me completely miss him.


I usually take tranquil cleave off if I know I'm going up against hordes of close-together enemies, because I will have problems if I just stop moving every time I do a third slash.


Yeah, I know when I hold down my block button I can keep doing attacks that don't stop my movement, but that drains stamina as well as stops it's regen because I'm blocking all the time.


What do you think?

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If you use the pause variation of the combo (E,E Pause E) the one with multiple stabs, it keeps your momentum at maximum. I go around with Ash and Rush on using E,E Pause E as my main source of dash and slash damage. That mixed in with slide attacks keeps the momentum of my strikes high. Maybe give that a shot?

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