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Storm Volt Helmet Does Not Channel-Glow


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At first I figured this might be how they all acted, but then I saw that Vanguard glows just fine on my Rhino Prime and the same applies to my Trinity with her ring+block helmet (the name escapes me), so I guess this was just an oversight?

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Wait... Since when does helmet glows ?


Haven't taken attention to this, but why not.


Some helmets do, while some others just have none for some reason. Look at the pictures below for a quick look:









- On each side of Mag Prime's helmet, there's a line that glows.

- Inside Saryn's flower bud, from her Hemlock helmet, it glows.

- Trinity's energy on the mask of her default helmet will glow red when channeling, just like when she uses Link or Blessing. Depending on your Energy color, it will mix in (mine's blue, so it becomes purple, and becomes redder if I stack Link + Blessing + Channeling). Parts of her ear "fins" also glow I think.

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