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Hello, Warframe customer, and welcome to my shop!

Prime Department

Boltor Prime Stock - 10p

Modules Department

Nightmare Aisle

x1 Ice Storm - 5p

Warframe Aisle

x2 Flow - 5p
x3 Natural Talent - 20p
x9 Streamline - 3p
x13 Stretch - 3p
x3 Undying Will - 4p

Aura Aisle

x1 Energy Siphon - 10p
x1 Pistol Scavenger - 3p
x1 Rifle Amp - 10p
x1 Rifle Scavenger (maxed) - 20p
x1 Speed Holster - 3p
x1 Steel Charge - 5p

Rifle Aisle

x10 Cryo Rounds - 2p
x1 rank 2 Hellfire - 4p
x1 Metal Auger - 5p
OVER 9000 Serration - 2p
x4 Split Chamber - 14p
x3 Stormbringer - 10p

Shotgun Aisle

x6 Hell's Chamber - 14p
x1 Shotgun Ammo Mutation - 5p

Bow Aisle

x3 Thunderbolt - 5p

Secondary Aisle

x6 Barrel Diffusion - 9p
OVER 9000 Convulsion - 2p
OVER 9000 Heated Charge - 2p
x5 Hornet Strike - 3p
x4 Pathogen Rounds - 3p
x1 Pistol Ammo Mutation - 5p

Melee Aisle

x2 Energy Channel - 5p
x1 Fever Strike - 7p
x6 Heavy Trauma - 4p

Stance Aisle

Machete Stance:
x6 Sundering Weave - 9p

Scythe Stance:
OVER 9000 Reaping Spiral - 6p

Sparring Stance:
x6 Fracturing Wind - 19p

IGN: SpacedLAB
Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003179311/

If I'm offline, leave a post here, PM me, or send me an in-game/Steam friend request, and I'll get back with you when I can.

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