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Radial Javelin. Could We Instead Have 'radial Spray Of Deadly Javelins?'


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So, along with a slash dash that does mellee damage and a passive superjump; I'd very much like radial javalin to become a glorious ult. 



So, I suggest the following changes...



Javelins can fire upwards, hitting both flying  and elevated enemies.

Javelins Can be fired in arcs, Hitting enemies behind cover and those who're a little lower down.

The range is huge, however the javelins can miss far away enemies, especially those that move.  

Javelins can travel through the enemy or use the enemy as a rag-doll-projectile. 

Javelins cause heavy bleed damage and knock the enemy back if used on an enemy that doesn't die.


and maybe throw out some extra, guaranteed miss javelins to make the ability just feel that much more badass. 

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I have a counter-preposal, what about smaller, lower damage javelins, that are launched in greater numbers, and with some punch through?

Counter-counter-proposal: Larger, higher-damage javelins that freeze the game more often than Vortex due to their great numbers


and with some punch through?

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Our javelins shall block out the sun!




In all seriousness though I'd like to see at least some changes/improvements to this ability. Especially considering the "javelins" are 2 glued together Skanas, which isn't very appealing.

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It's of note that the javelins are projectiles, and thus, can be buffed by volt's shield or concentrated with mag's bullet attractor.


That does count for something.


However, I do think that RJ is a bit lack-luster.


One thing I think would be interesting would be if the final product actually had physics--ie. you could use the implanted javelins to stand on/climb with, and they could damage enemies that walked into them.


It's definitely cool, but even the most die-hard of all excals admit they like radial blind better. Maybe if it did more damage?

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