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This Would Be A Cool Feature, But It's Merely Wishful Thinking


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Alright, so, my favorite game of all time is Onimusha. The whole series (though, I wasn't that in to 2). I was watching a few videos earlier and I was thinking...why not use Issen as the counter system? Now, for those who don't know what that is, it's an almost, if not, instant killing strike. On Onimusha, it happens when you counter at the right moment. You either counter by blocking or striking as the opponent strikes. Now, instant killing happens on the normal/weak enemies. It makes sense seeing that they normally wouldn't be able to handle it. Then with more "elite" enemies, they have to take several of the attacks to be downed. 

Here's an example video:


Now, it wouldn't be for dashing from enemy to enemy as shown, rather, as long as you can "Just Strike" your enemy as soon as they attack or "Just Block" and this happening, it'd help with wanting to counter more. Like I said, this is purely wishful thinking. If it happens, then hell, that's awesome. If it doesn't, then hey, I'm not mad. Mind you, this isn't just for katanas/the (D)Nikana. This could be for all weapons in the game. Also, this could be achieved by successfully strafing a target's melee attack, then attacking at the same time for a counter.

Also, a "tate" system would be cool, too. This is from "Shinobi/Nightshade", though. 

Here's an example:


Mind you, it would be without the silly pose and all. Just quickly slashing through targets then after a certain time, they will all die at once.

As I said, this is all wishful thinking

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Yeah, we do, but to activate them, we have to be in melee range and wait for them to stagger, rather than kill them off as soon as they attack or anything. Or, to have an increase in the amount of melee strikes they do, increase. Dunno haha. Still, thanks :)

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