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Dojo: Reactor Fail; Possible To Get Below!


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Like title says. It's possible to get below the reactor by just running a specific way.

Screens below tell more than any words imo.




Just went on the railway like this and then just pressed W



Falling down here currently.. Should normally get teleported back. I actually get ported back, if i walk wrong way :P



And well here.. i'm below the reactor


If the screens aren't enough, i'll try to make a video or you can watch it yourself when i'm in Dojo. @Staff only.

And sorry @all who are abusing this bug. Had to report that. For the Lotus!

Wanted to write this via. ticket at first, but yeah.. Ticket System was like "GO THERE" :(

So sorry for instructions how to use this bug :/

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I found out about this bug a long time ago, and have been tricking clannies whenever I feel like playing hide and seek. I also know how to go back up. It's tricky, but pretty much doable.

It's actually pretty easy imo, but not needed as information for DE ;)

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