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im very new to the game, i subscribed to playstation plus and i was able to download this game for free... cool. been playing for a few days now and today when i logged in it says my account cannot be logged in, " warframe accounts must be registered" is what it says, although when i downloaded the game it never asked me to register anything there wasent even a skip or register later. anywayz i closed the app and re opened it and everything was fine but now when i play a map i have to do it solo even though my settings are set to online, so any help would be awesome cuz this game is pretty f$&@ing hard all alone

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ya i tried switching it from online to private and back to online, still nothing, i know lotsa people are inline from watching the chats and such but as for seeing how many people are on each planet or node i dont know exactly what that is, it ahows a stick man drawing by the planet name with a number, im guessing thats it lol

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