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Tethra Mods, Max Serrations, And More!

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I've been wanting to buy a few of the Sugatras, mostly the corpus one, a few other cosmetic items, and hopefully a booster or two in order to level up my gear.

I am kind of low on credits (81k), but I have enough for a few trades. As of now these are my available mods.

MAXED Serration- SOLD
(2x) Unranked Shred- 10p
Unranked Shell Shock (Tethra Shotgun mod)- 30p
Unranked High Voltage (Tethra Rifle mod)- SOLD
MAXED Charged Chamber- 40p
Unranked Jolt (Tethra Pistol mod)- 35p
Unranked Voltaic Strike (Tethra Sword mod)- SOLD
(3x) Unranked Fracturing Wind (Fist Weapon Melee Stance)- 15p

(4X) Unranked Burning Wasp (Whip Melee Stance)- 15p

Unranked Reaping Spiral (Scythe Stance mod; Polarity for Hate Scythe)- 20p


If any prices are way out of line, just let me know and we can talk.

Please, I could really use the help.

EDIT: I would prefer to trade in plat, but if you have any stance mods for Scythe 2, Dual Swords, Hammer, or Glaive, I would also trade any of the above mods for any of those.

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