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Eye Of Ra [Accepting New And Experienced Players Alike]


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Hey everyone. We're a 10 man clan that wants to expand now, and we're accepting any players interested in joining our clan, whether new or experienced.


Currently, we're revamping the clan, but we have research rooms, an obstacle course, and dueling rooms. We plan on hosting occasional dueling tournaments, based on rank of course, and handing out prizes, such as mods, prime parts, or if we have it, platinum, to the winners. Members who join also get a garden as a room for them to decorate however they please (Forma not included, unless we have a surplus of that stuff xD).


We have an alliance called the Orokin Potatoes, and have a solar rail that has been built, so we're ready to go. No clan emblem yet, but we have a design ready now. I'm currently drawing the emblem(Which will be done when I'm not so busy, Finals this week in college, ughh).


We have all research done, and want you to be able to buy the blueprints you want. Just please no clan hopping for research, we want members that'll stick with us.


We won't kick you from the clan unless you troll, harass, etc. We may, if we reach clan size limit (1000 when we get to moon clan), kick players who are offline for too long. But only if there are members that want to join. You may speak to us about whether or not you are busy or something. We won't kick you if you're gone for a little over a month. We also won't kick you for no reason if we have not reached clan member capacity.


Here's the ranking system for the clan, which is based on the Japanese caste system(with a few tweaks :P):



Merchant: Host


Peasant: Treasurer/Host


Artisan: Treasurer/Host


Ronin: Treasurer/Host/Architect


Samurai: Treasurer/Promotion/Architect/Host/Tech


Daimyo: Treasurer/Promotion/Architect/Host/Tech/Recruiter


Shogun: Treasurer/Promotion/Architect/Host/Tech/Recruiter/Regulator


Senpai: Ruler/Treasurer/Promotion/Architect/Host/Tech/Recruiter/Regulator/Tactician





1.We help each other out and try to make things fair for all players.

2.No trolling, or this may result in getting kicked from the clan.

3.Have fun!


We wanna make this a fun experience for all clan members, so if you're interested, we'd be more than happy to accept. Just respond to this thread or PM Rixnane, Forge_is_Down, or PhazonChives on PC.


Screenshots of how the clan looks right now down below.

(Needs to be updated)








We hope you join our clan, we'll try to make it a fun experience.

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