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Just Throwing Out Ideas, But What If Battle Pay For Dark Sectors Was Interval Locked And A Surprise?


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Read before you make a decision off the title.


So what if Battle Pay were like a strict card game where you have to bet in intervals and you've got to wait to see what you're dealt before you can do anything about it?


Let's say the defense (Party A) were able to set a variable percentage of their taxes to go straight to their battle pay if they ever get engaged, up to a set limit OR a flat amount.  The attacker, (Party B) would have it in their best interest to try and out-bid that.  In this situation, both parties get the opportunity to set battle pay before the engagement even starts.


Then, once combat starts the battle pays pre-bid are thrown on the table for outsiders to decide upon and then bids are LOCKED for 3-4 hours?  This would stop people from waiting until combat goes live to start their battle pay (removing the possibility for battle pay to be temporarily set at 0 unintentionally if nobody's online to set it) and would also prohibit people from constantly bickering back and forth, one-upping each other by a single credit or so.


The tactile play becomes involved when neither party knows what the other will offer once the next battle pay interval comes around.  They'll make a bid for the sector, hidden from each other until the interval comes around, and nobody gets a mulligan.  If you get outbid, you have to sit there and deal with the consequences for the next 3-4 hours.  Maybe a party could get ballsy and set a super-high battle pay hoping to drill the enemy out of the competition before the next change in battle pay, blowing it all just for the chance at the sector.  It all comes down to how badly the alliance wants it and how much they are willing to risk for their shot.


However, if BOTH parties try to go for broke (literally) and set super-high bounties without thinking about the other group's tactics, then the outsiders profit greatly by picking BOTH stations apart for maximum profit.  This could be seen as either a positive or a negative depending on your viewpoint, so perhaps some form of moderation in this could be provided, such as forcing players to lock into a specific team for the duration of the battle pay, in which case the alliances can get off their butt and start sucking up as to why you should work for them.


And if someone goes too far and empties their coffers, the battle pay goes STRAIGHT to 0 and they have to deal with that problem until the next interval comes around!  No dumping everyone's pockets into the bank and immediately reinstating your offer, you've got to deal with the consequences of your over-eagerness.




Of course, since these ideas come from someone that is simply seeing this entire clan war thing from a spectator's point of view, it's really just to make things more interesting from that view.  No balance thought behind this, really.  Just a little more depth to add that little bit of thought behind the whole dark sector mechanic.

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25% of all rail income should be automatically reserved for battle pay funds.


A min of 1000 should be provided by the game itself for ether side as a base pay (for player sake so they don't have to run it for plain 0 all the time).


Several hours of lockdown after you add funds or set the battle pay. So if u think thay u can set it at 50k but enough  only for 10 people so u can get 100-s of runs, then repeat... ur screwed.


When the battle pay vault is empty - you would have to deposit a minimum of 5m to the funds. You can add funds while its value is in lockdown.

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