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[Combat Concept] Tenno Apprentices


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I know this may seem like a stupid idea, but I'd actually like to see it happen. We've got Tenno Spectres, so making an AI for an apprentice shouldn't be too hard (says the person who doesn't know the first thing about coding).


What it will basically be is someone we can equip to our Sentinel slot who will be a person who looks kind of like the hostages we save in Rescue missions (the apprentices will be rescued hostages, but not all of them will choose to be apprentices [that's a bit of story, we'd still have to buy them]), and have a primary weapon with infinite clips that they can also melee with like the Grineer and the Corpus. But, like Sentinels, the weapons used by apprentices wouldn't be the same ones the Tenno use. They would have their own category of weapons that aren't as diverse as the Tenno weapons because the apprentices weren't trained like the Tenno were.


They will follow you and only you, and can wall run like a Tenno, but can get stuck like the hostages. To prevent getting stuck all the time, there should be a unique teleporting feature so if they get X meters away, they teleport to you.


I had this idea while thinking of the hostages from Rescue missions and the Tenno Spectres and combining them. SCIENCE!

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