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Bring Back The Old Boar Sound


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Every once in a while I like to bring this thread up to remind everyone just how awful the Boar sounds.


Seriously, if any gun needs to have its sound looked at, even more so than Gorgon or Latron, it's this gun. I honestly have no idea what happened to it. It used to sound amazing, it was loud and proud. Now it sounds like a compressed air launcher. This is a shotgun, not a plastic toy, regardless of how much it looks like one. I'd like to see something like this:




or this:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x3sFDQEFV4 (there seems to be a one video limit)


brought back.


I miss the thunderous boom my Boar used to make when I fired. It felt powerful and satisfying, even if it wasn't amazing like the Hek. Right after the sound change in U8 hit, I immediately shelved it, which is a shame because I had just put 4 formas in it. I can't honestly use this weapon anymore. I have more fun with it playing with my sound off. It currently sounds like a fart launcher as opposed to a real weapon.

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