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Something Wrong With The Drop Tables? Can't Make It Rain..


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I've noticed that my Cassini farming runs, are getting me about half the resources, I used to get.. Yes, I am running Nekros + resource boosters. I also did a Dark Sector run, assuming that the nek+boosters+20-% resource bonus would be lucrative.. I got even less than the Cassini run.


Both were 30 mins.. 


I used to average about 3400-4K plastids on Cassini


Today my Cassini run was about 2K plastids, and there were two of us, with drop doubler boosters in the match.

My Dark Sector Saturn survival run was 1600 plastids, and same, two people with drop doublers +


As I farm and d-crate, I notice I'm getting a ton of health orbs, but not the resource drops I did before.


Did I miss something in the notes? Were the loot tables adjusted?

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Desecrate has a chance to drop a health orb then if successfully looting a health orb have a chance to reroll the enemy drop table. For how much resources you are getting, I'm not sure. I haven't needed to farm for resources in quiet some time. And usually when I do it's a rare resource (usually orokin cell). I do know when doing a dark sector I tend to not be able to loot allot of bodies since they disappear rather quickly. Even on my ability spam loadout of nerkos.

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