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Parkour Noob Is Confused



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Run towards the wall in a straight line.

Jump and hold jump button and your Warframe should start running up the wall to that vent.

Releasing the jump button will cause your Warframe to stop running up the wall and backflip off.


I hope it helps!

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If for some reason you can't wall run that high........your warframe is too slow (sprint speed affects vertical wall run height), but I don't think that's valkyr's problem :P


If you happen to run *over* the gap (happens to me), try doing a wall melee attack, aimed at the vent gap, as you run over it, so that you dive into it :)

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Jump/move forward towards the wall and hold the spacebar (don't release it) until you climb up and into the opening.

Am I the only one with my mind blown that he said something other than "Moved to the proper section"?


But yes, running towards a wall and holding jump will wall run up the wall. If it doesn't carry you high enough, tap crouch (don't hold it) at the top of the run and you'll continue upwards further.

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