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Constantly Staggered When Attacking With The Glaive


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As of today's updates (13.0.6-7), I am instantly staggered if I'm attacking or charging with the Glaive. This interrupts whatever combo I'm doing or whatever charge I'm about to release. Tested it on a few other melee weapons and had no problems.

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I just came onto the forums to report this same problem.

Glaive is one of the unique Tenno weapons - it has been with us since Dark Sector and continues to be a fun weapon to use. [DE] was kind enough to fix the charge speed for the throw, so I hardly think they'll allow something like this to remain in the game, prevent the usage of such a signature weapon.

Did anyone else test if this happens while the glaive is equipped? I only checked when throwing it whille a gun was equipped. It staggers you immediately if you take any sort of damage while charging the glaive to be thrown.

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