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There Is Absolutely No Reason Nor Reward To Contest A Dark Sector Node


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When we challenge a clan/alliance for a Dark Sector, the node is unavailable for 48!!! hours!!! A LOT OF TIME when it is not contested we get 24 hours of FREE Affinity and Resource Boosters, and good amounts of credits too.


Many nodes do not charge taxes right now, so they are FREE and even the ones that charge do not charge really that much.


But here is the BIG FLAW (or maybe best feature)


IF NOBODY CONTESTS NOBODY and EVERYONE AGREES on 0 taxes we get 24/7, 365 days, the whole year, ALL the time of FREE BOOSTERS.



Because DE didn´t really think this through, why? because there seems to be NO PENALTY AT ALL for keeping a rail at 0 taxes.

AND the money you get from taxes goes to "the vault" where it can only be used to pay battle payment...



Before it was launched people were already saying:

"We are so noble we will charge no taxes at all blablabla we are so noble"


I was thinking:

"Muehehehe, i bet solar rails will cost a lot to maintaing daily! muehehe silly naive idealists!"



Well... it seems to be possible, and its awesome! i doubt it will ever happen... but it is in fact possible, to have FOREVER FREE Dark Sectors, we would just need to agree.


Or... DE could just fix the system so there is an ACTUAL reason to contest the nodes at all and/or charge taxes.

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