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Maybe We Could Combine Stances Of The Same Weapon Type?


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I was thinking maybe down the line we could have a option to combines stances, like say, Rending Crane and Cleaving Whirlwind when we  have both. 


By combine I mean just have both those combos available at some sort of penalty with your mod slot space. Or perhaps you have to find  or build something to make it possible.


I do like the combos now, but they feel so limited by themself's


I think another system that could be tested  is that when you only have a melee weapon, perhaps you could visually switch to a different stance and use that specific combo by pressing the F key.


Like say, start with rending crane.


Press F.


A visually change in how the weapon is being held.


Then go into cleaving whirlwind. 

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The problem with merging stances is that they do things beyond give you combos.  The rare one for Polearms, for example, raises the stamina cost to swing my Orthos Prime from 15 to 17.5, and probably some other stuff as well.


And as to toggling between them, that would go against how the game has been designed so far.  You need to pick before-hand, just like you do with what weapons to carry, what frame, and what other mods to use.  Plus you'd run into the issue with polarity and the stance bonus...  And then there would probably need to be UI changes, since odds are we'll see more stances for each weapon category at some point in the future.

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