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[Corpus Boss] Corpus Mecha Suit - Pillager


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As I have stated before on my last Fan Concept, the diversity of Corpus and Infested enemies are far less than the Grineer. So to add with my Mobile Sabotage concept, I added a possible Corpus boss with a counterable Finisher Attack similar to my Infested Boss, Ravager.


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Now, onto the matter at hand:


Pillager, the Corpus Mecha Suit Boss




Lotus: The Corpus have been a major concern ever since their discovery of the Oxium Ores. However, one of our Tenno agents have discovered the location of a major Oxium Mining Camp. Securing it would hinder the Corpus greatly.


Tenno, your job is to head to that mining camp and seal the entrance indefinitely. Be cautious, Corpus communications have hinted a hidden weapon system located near the entrance to the mines. They claim this "Pillager" would put you in their place. Let us put that to the test.


The Pillager's Appearance


The Pillager is a mecha suit created with the Oxium ores. Its face has a similar shape to the Corpus Crewmen's helmets, and it has a means to fly. The Pillager will be accompanied with a state-of-the-art dual railgun/laser cutter called the "Duplus."


Stats of the Pillager


Duplus, the Dual Weapon


Machinery: 5000


Pillager, the Corpus Mecha Suit


Machinery: 3000

Proto Shield: 4000

Alloy: 50


Abilities of the Pillager


Duplus's Railgun: Pillager uses the Duplus's railgun shot. Has a huge radial shot upon impact and can cause Radiation status @ an uncommon chance.


Duplus's Laser Cutter: Fires like a huge version of the Flux Rifle, but Pillager will spin the laser around the stage tying to get any Tenno within the vicinity. The laser does not go through obstacles/barricades so it is wise to find cover. can do up to 50 damage for each second a Tenno is hit with the attack and can cause Fire status.


Flight: The Pillager will jump up and stay afloat for a few seconds. During this time if the Pillager has the Suplus, it will fire Railgun from the sky a few times before dropping down.


Comet Dive: While in the Flight, the Pillager will try to dart down at a Tenno smashing its fist to the ground. Has a huge shockwave knocking down any Tenno within the blast.


Ground Cryo-Mine: Does not use it often until the Duplus is destroyed. The Pillager throws to the ground a specially made ground mine that travels in the ground. Tenno can see the moving mine underground by seeing a red blinker on the floor. Any Tenno that steps over hit will be instantly hit by the mine dealing damage and causes Cold status.


Weapon Throw: Once the Duplus's health is gone, the Pillager will simply throw the remains of the weapon at any nearby Tenno. This can deal huge damage if hit.


Jump and Smash: When unarmed, the Pillager will jump and simply smash the ground creating a huge shockwave attack. Pillager can jump a far distance with this.


Tackle: When unarmed, Pillager will use a slower version of Rhino's 1st ability.


Power Slam (Finisher Attack, counterable): When unarmed, Pillager will try to pounce onto the nearest Tenno and grabs the Tenno with one hand. The Pillager then flies up and for 5 seconds will then dart down and slam the Tenno down to the ground as hard as it can. This attack will render your Tenno in the down/bleeding state regardless. To counter this, while the Tenno is in the air grabbed by the Pillager, you will be seeing 3 directional arrows for you to quickly press before 5 seconds are up.   If you mess up the input, the counter fails. If you succeed in the input, you simply break free from Pillager's grasp and the Pillager will be in Flight position ready to use Comet Dive.



The Strategy and the Fight


A cinema will show a Corpus Crewman, upon seeing the Tenno rushing to the Pillager Suit and ready for battle.


Note: You cannot harm the Pillager Suit. It starts of with an extremely powerful shield. The first half of the fight involves concentrating your fire on destroying the Duplus first. After destroying the Duplus, the Duplus explodes and sabotages the Pillager's invincible shields. Afterwards, you can do damage to the Pillager.


Oxium Ospreys will sometimes drop down to give you some trouble.




Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Please check out and comment on my other Fan Concepts if you can above.

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