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A Simple Trading System.


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As the topic says, a simple idea for a trading system.

Prerequisite requirements:

1. Able to trade.

2. Logged in.

3. Must be done at a dojo trading post.

Basically, instead of yelling in the trading chat, this would be more like a normal, searchable game market. There could be categories like mods and blueprints, and you could set filters to find people selling specific items. The difference being that posts go away when you leave your dojo, or complete a trade for that item. You would also need to click a whisper button, and haggle like normal.

So nothing would really change with how trades are done, this would just make it much cleaner and easier to find people to trade with.


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would drive prices down soooooo low bc of availability of supply


I have probably 500 rare mods that i cant even be bothered to list and also have no use for, nor do I know the value. so do thousands of other players on the server. If DE made it easier for me to sell, or to find the value, i'd sell them all for nearly nothing.


Things that are 10p would become 1-2p.

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 I would love a system like this. I would be a lot cleaner and simpler then posting on the chat. Whenever I'm looking at the trading chat most of the messages get lost since there is just too many people trying to sell and buy things at the same time, it gets way to cluttered.  

In regards to prices going down, it defiantly will but it will also cause more trades to happen since you can often miss something in the chat, as well as finding or posting an item using filters would be much more convenient then using the chat, and this convenience will make more people trade (at least it will for me since i find it too tedious to trade now with this current system). 

Basically, what i think is it will make it much simpler and less time consuming to trade, making people willing to trade more. Thats my thought on it. 

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maybe if we just had 2 channels like a WTB/WTS channel and a WTT channel. that would keep things hard to get (thereby keeping prices high) but allows more trades to happen

What if someone wants to do a combination of buy/sell/trade, they would either have to keep flipping between channels or post things on the wrong channel to keep things in one place, which goes back to what we have in place now. 

Personally, i would keep the channel how it is now, and add some sort of market system on top of that as suggested by the OP. the suggested system won't dramatically affect the trade price (if it even does) since the lifespan of the post is only while you are at the dojo trading post, and on top of that, the trade has to be done manually. 

If a system similar to other mmo's was in place where there is a marketplace where your posts stay alive for a certain time, even while offline ( ie. it dies in 72 hours) that would dramatically lower the prices of items since trades could be done automatically, but it would have the benefit of more trades. 

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