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Wts: Rhino Prime Chassis/blueprint/system And Some Rare Mods

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WTS following items:


Rhino Prime Chassis (sold)

Rhino Prime System

Rhino Prime Blueprint (sold)


Split Chamber (Rifle)

Metal Auger (Rifle)

Hammershot (Rifle)

Arrow Mutation

Rifle Ammo Mutation

Sniper Ammo Mutation

Shotgun Ammo Mutation

Thunderbolt (Bow)

Hell Chamber (Shotgun)

Barrel Diffusion (Pistol)

Seeker (Pistol)

Heavy Trauma (Melee)

Power Throw (Melee)

Sundering Strike (Melee)

Whirlwind (Melee)

Fired Up (Sentinel)

Sanctuary (Sentinel)


And some uncommon mods


If you're interested add me as a friend and PM me

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