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Dark Sectors Meet Cutthroat Kitchen?


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As most everyone knows the whole Dark Sector Conflict thing is not going all that well due to people simply not running them. Since a lot of people are posting their ideas on how to fix it I figured I may as well post my idea on what can be done and see what others say.


For anyone who doesn't know Cutthroat Kitchen is a TV cooking contest where people can use their prize money to gain an advantage by forcing the other contestants to deal with particular challenge such as cooking with a shovel or making a BLT without any bread. At the start of each match the avalible handicaps are laid out and whoever bids the highest gets to chose which other contestants gets the handicap while saving themselves from having to deal with it.


My idea is a variation on this, we scrap the current battlepay system and instead have the two clans get into a bidding war with their credits to decide who gets those sweet sweet dark sector bonuses during the conflict stage but only on their side.


Basically before a conflict starts; during the deployment stage, both sides get a chance to bid on who gets to use the normal bonus battlepay for that sector as their bounty. Both sides can spend as much as the want to try and get this, all that matters is who offers more for this bonus. The other side that loses gets let's say half of that for their battle pay to make it somewhat fair. However after the conflict starts the other bonuses start to come up for bidding and whoever places the biggest bid gets that bonus for their side for the rest of the conflict.


This system would force the clans to decide if one bonus is good enough to sink all their money into possibly bankrupting them when it came time to finance the others. Also it would make it a little more difficult to chose sides during the conflict since odds are one side will have some of the bonuses and the other side will have the rest. It'll all depend on the current needs of the player and how much they value either sides offerings rather than just going with whoever is offering the most money.


I'd write more but I don't want to make this too long.


Is this idea perfect? No, but that's why I just thought I'd post in and what kind of feedback other players give me and see if they have any ways to make it better. Please everyone tell me what you think.



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