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These are just a few of the items on sale in the Market that make Digital Extremes seem like crooks. These items at regular price seriously give warframe and your company a bad image. I suggest changing these prices. They are likely old market prices, that have been that way since warframe was first released. I understand the idea of having something ridiculously priced because there will always be some rich guy willing to spend that amount of money. But that usually works for only one or two items, not the whole market place, and it only works for special things, like a new warframe that was released or some other rare hard to get item.


But fusion cores? Give me a break. Even more insulting is that these fusions cores aren't even rank 5, you'll get some rank 2 gold fusion core. Even more of a joke is that it's a maximum of 1 rare gold fusion core. I can get 20 rare rank 5 fusion cores a day.


The prices on forma, catalysts, and reactors, are fair. Why? Because instead of working hard to get them, I might want to just pay 20 platinum and get them right away. As well 20 platinum is usually something I also make for free by selling void parts so it actually cost me no money. In the case of fusion cores though the same doesn't apply. Unless these are rank 10 gold fusion cores for 200p, or 20p to buy 3 gold fusion cores, its a total rip off.


As for credits. The price should be 30p for 100k credits. Anything less gives you a bad image. I know you have marketing experts, but instead of giving them $500 an hour for lame advice, just listen to the player community. You stand to make more money if you sell the little items at a more fair price. Image and reputation as a gaming company also take your bank account a long long way.





Must be the only game in history where credits are worth more than platinum. That's what 90p to 30k exchange rate means. It means credits are way more valuable. In any other game however, 10 platinum, that I paid $1 of real money to get, would give me 100k in game credits. That's a more realistic exchange rate, not by amounts, but by what actually happens in every game except this one. And yet for being so valuable I get 30k credits every T3 mission.

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