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New Mission Type: Sword Alone


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Just had an idea that could be a bit of interest. With the release of the U13, I think it would be a cool idea to create a mission type where only your melee weapon is Useable. This Mission type would function similar to nightmare missions and maybe can have its own handicaps like as follows


"Sword Alone"
Mission Handicaps


- Increased Stamina Drain (Usage)

- shield Drain over time

- Health and/or Shield Vampire

- Stealth Only (Getting discovered more than 5 times auto fails the mission) 


Also like Nightmare missions, the completion of the mission can grant you a stance at random. This could help with a lot of frustration with stance farming while adding something new and fresh to the game creating an entire new way to play. Although you can only use your melee, the Grineer/Corpus will have no weapon restrictions meaning you have to literally "Cut" Your way though the stage and when alarm are tripped it might be best to actually disable them. If this mode existed I think it would be pretty cool. Feedback anyone?

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I like aspects of this. As a nightmare mission, sounds pretty tough. As a normal mission without the handicaps, sounds like it could be fun. Many people are doing this already now anyhow. Maybe it could be like when Zanuka catches you, except you have to find your melee weapon. Stealth is super tough for non-stealth frames, so that aspect might be too difficult for normal missions.

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