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Old Common Issue With Enemy Drops/ Mods


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They never drop anyting (enemies in general less and less as  new updates arrive), especialy common case with  bombards and grineer nepalms in survival missions, today i tested for few hours how many times bombard will  drop any sort of mod.


I killed dozens of them literally doozens  and only ever saw that  3 mod droped from them.


Too make thing worse spawn logic in survival missions since u13 is changed, too make enemies have more normal number of units per minute due too old exploits with doors and standing in 1 spawn point all the time.


I dont mean too criticize and i am sure i am not only 1 that noticed.


Getting same mod over and over is not  reason too scream wohoo, but you see at least that Dice is rolling and Rng is working.



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