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A Small Bug List


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Just a few things. I decided to clump the list together, rather than litter multiple forums.

I will keep it updated as I discover bugs and list them here.


1) Loki Spectre's Radial Disarm: Permanently disables your Sentinel, and it reverts all of it's appearance back to basics, save for colours, also giving it the MOA shock stick.


2) Hydroid's idle stance in Dojo: He has the Dual Sword idle animation while standing in the Dojo. I DO have Nami Skyla equipped also.


3) The video messages from the alliance members during Rail Sabotages: They tend to have mixed models, like Loki's head on Volt's body.


4) Valkyr's Unarmed Status in Rail Sabotage: I don't know what caused it, but something made Valkyr unable to attack at all, but her powers were still available.


5) Valkyr's Hysteria Attack Animations: Sometimes all you can do it the beginning right jab, and none of the other attacks.


Thank you for your time



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