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[English En-Gb] Shotgun Spazz Rename


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You may not realise this but the word "Spazz" (and "Spastic") are actually quite offensive in the UK.


I recommend renaming this mod to something like "Jackhammer" since many British people know this is a north american term for a pneumatic drill.


I appreciate that you may not be in a place where you want to make a distinction between EN-CA, EN-US and EN-GB, but that word just can't be used here in the UK. There was even a major charity and advocacy organisation that changed it's name because the word had become so offensive.

See http://www.scope.org.uk/media/changing-name


I would say it is more offensive than the "N-word" because nobody would every address another individual as a Spastic, but there are circumstances where two individuals may use the "N-word" without causing offence.


Thanks for reading.

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Ironically in America Spazz is used jokingly to refer to a person who is very energetic and loves to always be on the run.   Plus this is the second time that someone has wanted to change Shotgun Spazz but Shotgun Jack hammer would not sound at all like what the mod gives.   Think of what the peace sign in western countries mean in oriental countries.  So sure thye could change it in GB but they shouldn't change it globally given that to some its a positive thing not a negative.   I mean yeah in NA we seem pretty detached to negative meanings in some words given we use them every day.  But if they do change it, it should be something that reflects what the mod does not some random name.

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Think of what the peace sign in western countries mean in oriental countries. 

Well, one example of a concession to foreign sensibilities was when World of Warcraft covered the exposed bones of the Undead player race to appease the Chinese audience. Having localised emotes seems obvious given that a large proportion of communication is non-verbal. Or are you saying that, because you didn't know it's rude, foreign people aren't allowed to be offended at your non-localised peace sign? Because, woah there, you're marketing your foreign peace sign in my country and let me tell you, there are some things I don't want to see.

Did you see that episode of Top Gear where the team jokingly painted slogans to tease the locals with things that don't bother people in the UK? Well, it backfired massively because they hadn't researched the localisation issues!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jG0D2nRGrQ (2:21)



But if they do change it, it should be something that reflects what the mod does not some random name.

Have you heard someone operating a jackhammer? There is a rapid series of concussive strikes. I refuse to believe that someone who equips a mod called "Jackhammer" on their Sobek will be confused as to why their weapon sounds different in combat. Hek users probably wouldn't notice since they mainly hear the sound of their weapon reloading.

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Is this one of those cases where since a word could be used offensively and probably was once, the word cannot be permitted to exist anywhere? I've sure heard "What a spazz" in my life and I read "high energy, frantic activity" when I saw the mod name.

It is patently not anywhere near as offensive as "the N-word", and clearly Hamstertron doesn't actually think so either. You know how you can tell? This isn't about "Shotgun S-word".

I mean, I don't care if it changes, but this seems like manufactured offense and there are really plenty of gamebreaking bugs to be addressed before "it's possible someone could think you were making a direct attack at them with this name".

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