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[Research Idea] Advanced Experimental Research Lab *update 1*


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Lore / Special Reason for lab: The lotus has ordered the tenno to conduct unusual  Research on advanced experimental prototype weapons to combat enemies. These weapons include weapons seen by enemies, bosses, etc. There are actually some special types of mods that can be made in this new lab.


Cost of Research Room:  -2 Capacity, -15 energy, 1 door, 15 decoration capacity


Appearance of Room: A room displaying a bunch of the viable weapons being worked on and there occasionally be sparks from them (thus experimental prototype =3).


Each item takes 72 hrs (Change the number if you want) and forma to research/create


Weapons and Mods:


The Migraine:

Weapon Type: Automatic, Long Range Primary

Appearance/Flavor Text: A upgraded and "augment free" experimental Neural Cannon designed by Vay Hek himself.

Cost: 5 Argon Crystals, 800 ferrite, 1 detonite , 20 alloy plates

Stats: 1.5 fire rate

50 magnetic damage

10%|x2.5 Crit

polarity: 1 dash

Effects:  Has a decent chance to stun the enemy for a short duration with the Nyx mind control animation allowing unprovoked Dps.

Defects: Extremely long reload


The Igniter:

Weapon Type: Semi-Automatic, Long range Primary

Appearance/Flavor Text: This giant rocket launcher is a advanced napalm rocket launcher forged by the elusive General Sargus Ruk.

Cost: 1500 nano-spores, 40 alloy plates, 5 detonite, 30 plastids,

Stats: 0 Fire Rate

55 heat damage

20%/x3 Crit

Polarity: 1 D polarity

Effects: With its somewhat high proc chance, it also can knock enemies to the ground stunning them

Defects: High travel Time and can only be shot again if the other one has exploded already.


The Hirudinea

Weapon Type: Semi-Automatic, Medium Range Secondary

Appearance/Flavor Text: This small yet powerful dart gun is a pistolized version of the corpus leech gun with all of its features.

Cost: 5 Fieldron, 65 polymer bundle, 5 alloy plates, 1 argon crystal

Stats: 10.5 fire rate

55 toxin damage

2%|x2.5 Crit

Polarity: 1 D polarity

Effects: Once attached to a target the leech will slowly restore health to you and drain the victim.

Defects: Only 1 can be deployed at a time, only heals for 5 seconds before it dies out.


The Overseer

Appearance/Flavor Text: Looking for Suggestions (Looks Like a Scavenged and augmented Seer)

Costs: Same + 3 detonite and 2 fieldron

Stats: Increased Fire-Rate

Polarity: Same+ 1 dash

Effects: Setting it apart from the normal seer, this one erupts into a small voltage shocking its target.

Defects: Even higher travel time and can severely harm self.



Mod Type: Experimental Weapon

Cost: 26 fieldron

Effect: Decreases the Defects of weapon by 5%


Oxium Armor Conversion

Mod Type: Warframe

Cost: 20 oxium

Effect: Enhances jumping height and faster wallruning.


Quick Response Nanites

Mod Type: Warframe

Cost: 20 nano -spores

Effect: Healing speed increased by 10%.


Hybrid Weapons:



Grineer/Corpus Hybrid Dart Gun

Appearance/Flavor Text: This Proto-Type Hybrid weapon has the delivery power of a grineer Kraken and the complex corpus made neutralizing nano-bots slowing there any foes of its user.

Cost: 20 plastids, 200 nano-spores, 5 detonate, 6 fieldron

Stats: 3.7 fire rate

75 Impact damage

5%|x4 Crit

Polarity: 1 Dash

Effects: Slows it's target allowing you to shoot it without the trouble of missing.

Defects: The effect only stacks of to 3.

Weapon Type: Semi-Auto Matic, Medium Range secondary


Tenno/Corpus Warframe Energy Gauntlets

Weapon Type: Brawling, Melee

Appearance: These heat energized gauntlets discovered by (S)alad V allow you to transform the heat around you into pure fiery fury.

Cost: 15 detonite, 5 argon crystals, 2 alloy plates, 2000 ferrite

Stats: 5.2 fire rate

67 heat damage

4%|x3.6 Crit

Polarity: 1 C

Effects: Delivers small fiery explosions on each blow to the target igniting them with high damage.

Defects: Very slow attack speed


Side Effect Nightmare

Mod Type: Weapons

Costs: 2 argon crystals, 5 mutagen masses

Effect: Status Strength Increased by X%


Fail Safe

Mod Type: Warframe

Costs:  7 detonite, 5 plastids

Effect: Has an X% chance to release a radial explosion damaging enemies if health struck upon by melee.

























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Some alternate names and name ideas, as requested.  I'll let you decide if you like them or not.


"The Propaganda Cannon" -> Brainlock, Mindcrush, Headache(?), Migraine.


"The E-G Leech"  -> maybe something related to "Hirudinea" (the animal family leeches come from), or related to blood or life.  Maybe there's a common language that the names of existing corpus weapons are drawn from.  Something related to vampires didn't seem to fit due to the technical nature of the weapon.


"Experimental Nervo Seer" -> Truesight, Stormwatcher, Oracle, Overseer.  You should also have this be an upgrade/conversion of the standard Seer. Like the blueprint uses the player's existing seer as a component.   You could also have it look more like someone had converted the original Seer into a tenno weapon.  It might look like a combination of the Lex and the seer.  Or just generally bringing out the orokin characteristics of the weapon.


"Anti-Defect Circuitry" -> Omni Upgrade/Matrix


"Advanced Acrobatic Bracers"  -> Oxium Armor Conversion, High Jump Boots (I'm kidding).  It would also make sense to have this mod cut the warframe's existing armor by some amount in exchange for additional mobility, because it doesn't make much sense that adding more material to a warframe would make it able to move quicker.  It would need to be a different kind of upgrade if you didn't want to make it reduce the armor.  Maybe it could be like jet boots or maneuvering thrusters.


"Enhanced Bio-Gas"  -> Quick Response Nanites, Triage Booster, Personal First Aid System.  Maybe this could also buff how fast you revive other players.   




oooh heres another idea, whatabout hybrid weaponry? like a tenno+infested shotgun? or corpus+grineer grenades? and so on~


edit:i accidentally the wrong place of + sign


This would make for some pretty interesting weapon ideas. 

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