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Solar Rails. Live - To Fully Built.


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So when I look at these "Solar Rails" its so post to be this


but in game I thought I'd bring out some things I've notice. (Even tho that picture is a side view and probably at a far away range there's somethings that sticks out to me personal)


Excuses the 3 year old paint job, not very good at highlighting the specific areas



A. The most crucial part of the solar rail that sticks out to me that doesn't follow the picture above when compared together. Makes me think that this "rail" is a ship by itself and is not stationary rail that shoots Player/ship from Point A to Point B









Now if we compare these 2 together. If you notice what I'm seeing is that the area in picture 1 compared to 2 seems to be shortened and dare I say extra bits added onto it.


Now my question is are we ever going to see a full built solar rail in game and not a picture ?

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