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Shade And How I Miss A Functional Ghost Precept


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Please Fix / Revert Ghost, I love playing stealth and I love having that extra layer of protection for my squishier frames, I want to use it again. It's so unpredictable right now.

Ghost now has a 1-2 second delay to activate, often resulting in the enemy entering an alert state breaking the 'stealth mode' of the mission where executions are no longer possible.

When it does kick in it seems to very easily drop off again, as the range that it activates is very small now and since the enemies get alerted because of the activation delay they move more quickly and erratically which makes it hard to stay close enough to keep Ghost active (You have to pretty much hug them).

Also when Ghost suddenly drops and you try to kick it in again there is a huge delay before it will work again. 15-20 seconds is a very long time in a combat situation. The other issue with this huge delay is that inactive turrets and other things will activate Ghost when you don't need it and you can get caught off guard by an enemy while you're waiting for the cooldown to reset.

Please, Un-nerf the range for it to activate, remove the highly damning delay to activate and revert the cooldown. I miss the original Ghost I fell in love with as my stealth companion and saviour to my squishy frames in group missions.

Long live Warframe, all the best DE <3

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