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The Dodge Roll Should Be Returned Back To What It Was Before Update 13.


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I never use roll so I cannot say much on this however,

Its determined in stamina and rush mods and i like it more the way it is. PLus there are mods specificley on that!

This is actually a problem more than a good thing. Mods should never be required to make something useful, they can improve something though. For example Rush is not needed to make sprinting useful, but it does make sprinting a lot better. I cannot say if it is useful without mods, as I noted I do not use the roll. However, if it does need mods to make rolling useful, then it needs to be changed so it is useful without mods, then use mods to make it better.

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Right now its not entirely useful, as it is slower and travels less distance than the roll we had before Update 13.



Its horrible the way it is now. Its extremely slow, and I use a maxed-out Rush mod. 


I used roll a lot to avoid gunfire. Now the devs are taking one more thing from us. 

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