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Valkyr, The Melee And A Few Extras


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This post should be titled "how f%/!ed up could it be?", but this version was more friendly.

Valkyr is, to say the least, screwed after the U13

1) Hysteria is screwed.
A) It can take the speed of the melee weapon you have equipped - trying to equip the weapon while in hysteria will trigger the switching animation and alternate between the correct speed and the speed of your melee weapon.
B) The limbo status and the melee bug - Sometimes, when you try to enter Hysteria, you will enter a limbo status in which you are not able to melee attack, nor you have any of the effects of Hysteria - only the graphical ones, as the claws -, nor you will be able to enter Hysteria since the game will tell you that the effect is already active. You can use ranged and other skills weapons in this limbo. I have not tested if you can equip your melee weapon. If you exit the mission in this status, the game -does not- display any melee weapon equipped during the item and experience distribution screen.
C) Sometimes, you can PROC with the claws (Intended?)
D) You do not add a counter to the combo-bar when attacking in Hysteria. (Intended, possibly)

2) The melee is screwed
A) Sometimes, you can perform combos with the quick strikes.
B) Sometimes, the combos will mix up and mutate into another combos in the middle of the operation. As example, using the Rending Strike with the Galatine (the Galatine is an axe? wut?), you can switch to the first combo after performing the movements for the second, effectively combing the attacks with most area one after another.
C) Sometimes, the channeling will not turn off graphically.
D) The combo counter may finish randomly, even while hitting a valid target in the given time.

3) Stuff is screwed.
A) Several maps in defense have doors that only partially open
B) In PVP duels in the Dojo, using the Valkyr's hook may kill another player - This player will see the other players in spectator mode.
C) There are several maps, especially in Phobos, where you can use Valkyr's hook to leave the playable area - and fall to the pit of eternal darkness.
D) There are still money caches everywhere but the void! (Or was it just removed from the void missions?
F) While reviving a downed player in Hysteria, you may get pushed away - even fall from the map - and never cease to continue reviving the player.
G) The sentinels take health damage from the Toxic Ancients!
H) Slowed enemies deal 100% of damage when attacking in melee.
I) Drakgoon's projectiles may disappear entirely if the weapon is shot too close to something.
J) There's no stance for several weapons with Valkyr, such as, surprise, the Galatine - Valkyr just holds the weapon without any care for its weight, in one hand.
K) This one is my favorite and only happened minutes ago: After completing a mission in multiplayer, my level 16 Galatine turned into a level 30 Furax, and again in a Galatine once in the menu again - a level 30 Galatine. The weapon is marked with a star in the codex as if I have completed the mastery - however, I was not granted the achievement (obviously) for the level 20 and 30 respectively of the weapon.
L) Quick attacking with the Heat Dagger will provide of moderately quick attacks, but attacking with the weapon as equipped will provide of slow attacks with exactly the same damage. - Furthermore, the fire explosion of the jump attack of this weapon may be used as well during Valkyr's Hysteria. 

M) There are tons of message from Lotus related to the mission that makes no sense. (IE, "raiding the ship" in invasion while being on land, but that's just the f&/#ed up lore of this game more than an actual bug)

N) In survival, if a group of players large enough to exit the mission reach the exit area it will make the timer of the survival disappear - but this timer will continue running, even if invisible. 

O) Since the update 13, I've seen several graphical glitches related to the Syandanas - such as seeing them stretch (until they look like gigantic walls of a stretched texture) or disappear entirely. This may be a personal bug due to my graphic settings/circumstances. 

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I wasn't sure about D, since I only knew about it due to the streamings. However, I fail to see how the partially opened door could be intentional. It couldn't even be a bug disguised as a feature due to its game-breaking elements. 

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Yes, the concept of Valkyr fits perfectly the new content. It is a shame her mechanics do not concur. 

I'm not sure if the thought of Valkyr never getting a rework scares me more than seeing it done wrong. 

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