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Suggestion About Dark Sectors


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Hello, this is my first post here and i really hope its a worthy one. will try to be as brief as possible and narrow everything down.


i see there are many posts regarding dark sectors and solar rails, these are just my humble thoughts.


- time between a rail being contested after a conflict has been resolved.

24 hours doesn't seem enough for players before the rail gets contested again.


- solar rail integrity, hitpoints and the amount of life time players have to invest depleting them.

  right now a rail has 75000 hitpoints,


the conflict lasts for 48 hours,

you do 1 dmg per mission: this results in having to do 750 missions to inflict 1% damage, each mission lasts 2 to 4 minutes approximately (selection, loading, running, mission complete animation) 


you could have a lot of members in your clan to do these over and over but spending more than 10 hours of your life doing nothing else than repeating the same thing over and over without getting anything back is not rewarding, neither healthy.


the mission. (racing like crazy avoiding everything to press 4 buttons over and over is not warframe)


suggestion about mission. (this is not entirely thought off, i will post it to see if it gets constructive criticism from developers or players to make the concept viable)




a trail survival in the current dark sector conflict tileset (void?), against spectres from the other alliance/clan, along with the current corrupted enemies (moas gunners ospreys ancients etc)


-make the spectres use the same weapons and frames the members of the opposite alliance online at that moment,

-make it an all out war, make it hard, instead of life support add something else, (ill let this open to suggestions)

-instead of life support, a item to be gathered (to score damage against the opposing rail),

-make teamwork count, a lockdown could be added to each of the rooms, one that lifts after certain objective has been accomplished, like for example:


''eliminate enemy commander'', where in this case an enemy warlord specter made really powerful


''destroy artillery'' put a heavily guarded turret on the room raining hell on the players, and have a procedure to destroy it so the lockdown lifts up therefore being able to advance to another room. (could be a serie of consoles needed to be hacked to make it inoperative, or add a lot of hitpoints, this way people have a choice, to engage or disable it)


''hack a series of consoles'' while under heavy enemy fire or dangerous location (thus making teamwork count and be

needed to protect the playing doing the hacking to lift the lockdown of the room) yes teamwork because solar rails CANNOT be solo, because its meant to be for alliances and clans.


these are just some random examples of difficulties or objectives needed to advance to the next room in order for the mission to keep going, could be a timed operation, while gathering a certain resource to score damage against the enemy rail at the end of the mission rather than running 75000 missions 


mission could start out as survival and then pop a different objective every 5 minutes that needs to be completed under pressure in order to keep on the run.


i know these concepts are very crude, please dont bash them, add constructive feedback instead, i would like to see the dark sector conflicts shine instead of being something you don't want to look at neither spend more than 4 minutes on them.






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