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19.4. 2014---"bound By Greed" Event *w.i.p*


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The First few paragraphs are the intro and story for the event,do not read those if you just wanna know how the even is going to play.



After many years,The Harvester has reached his goal...

All this time the Tenno thought captured Tenno either escaped or were scraped for Zanuka parts.But no...the truth is more dreadful...

These Tenno are now held by the most deadly Corpus units in Indoctrination Temples on the outskirts of Venus,heavily protected and prepared for a process called "Bonding" by Frohd Bek.

"Bonding" is a complex series of indoctrination and painful mechanical procedures that over-ride the mental and/or mechanical structure of a person/robot to make it do it´s "Creators" bidding.

Tenno,you must stop this insanity.If the Corpus are allowed to brainwash if only a handfull of Tenno,it could mean the end of many of our Dojo´s and important structures in the Solar System.

The defence parameters of the Palaces are impenetrable to anything that does not contain special Corpus DNA called "Credisicium" given to only the most high-ranked Corpus units:These are Paladins,Blitzers and Renegades.

To infiltrate the temple,you will need to disect the limbs of these units in high-level Corpus missions,and with their help infiltrate the Temples and free our Tenno from their stasis-cages.

Of course,even inside the temple you will encounter unimaginable defensive power.You will need to stay undetected,or risk serious trouble with the automated defenses and advanced Corpus firepower.



So,the main focus of this event is to use melee against strong enemies,and stealth.A very dwindling factor in Warframe.

As the intro said,go to any Corpus mission above level 18 and find Paladins/Blitzers or Renegades.



"Paladin" is a heavy Corpus melee unit with a large two-handed Prova wich has a frontal knock-down wave,deadly combos and a shield that is IMPENETRABLE to gun-fire,except for arrows.

"Blitzers" are very agile Corpus units equiped with a jet-pack and Dual Cestra.They can use a deadly Dive-Bomb when in-air,so wait for them to descend and then hack away!

"Renegades" are Corpus heavies that wield a modified Supra witha higher RoF and accuracy,and also come equiped with a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher.To damage their health,the energy-box on their back needs to be destroyed first.



If you acquire ANY of the limbs,you can craft a Corpus DNA sample with Space magic in the Foundry,and enter the Temples.Inside,you will need to stay undetected from the ordinary Corpus Units,or risk facing their new and improved Supra-Turrets,the special units mentioned above,and high level Fusion MOAs,and all sorts of horrible stuff.So keep quiet,Tenno.

Once you reach the holding cell.You need to unlock the Stasis-Cage by parkouring around the large room and hacking a bunch of terminals,then you must whack away the Tenno´s schackles.

After rescuing the drained Tenno,you will need to protect him for 30 seconds so Lotus can teleport you to a safe extraction spot.



The score in this event is kept by a item called "Vigilance Badges"-VBs

-A succesfull mission will yield you 5 Vigilance points,plus a badge based on your performance.

-You get a bronze VB if you alert the level,and/or the Tenno makes it out with only 25% HP remaining,the bronze VB gives you 5 Vigilace points.

-You get a silver VB if you don´t alert the level,and/or the Tenno makes it out with 50% HP remaining.This one is worth 10 Vigilance points

-A gold VB is awarded when you dont alert the level and the Tenno makes it out with more than 90% HP remaining,it has 15 Vigilance points

-You can get a platinum VB for completing the whole stealth-part of the level without killing anyone,and using only your BLADE for the rest of the mission.The remaing HP of the Tenno must be over 60% though.This VB gives you 25 points,so its worth it.



10 Vigilance Points-A "Bound by Greed" badge

25 Vigilance Points-A 3-day Affinity Booster+previous reward

50 Vigilance Points-A Orokin Catalyst and Reactor for FREE+previous rewards.Also,to get this one,you have to have at least ONE Silver VB

75 Vigilance Points-DEX NIKANA!OMG YES!!!+previous rewards.To get this thou,you have to have atleast one Gold VB

100 Vigilance Points-A special "Shadow Master" badge and the "Focus Power" Nightmare mod.Increases Power Strength by 10% while decreasing casting cost by 5%.For this you must also have a Platinum VB

Tell me if I missed any vital information.Also feel free to leave suggestions and polite criticism.Thanks for reading.

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I love the idea and the story but the scoring system is bad. Stealth is a very small part of Warframe and basically only 2 frames can do stealth, them being Ash and Loki. Other frames would be useless for getting the higher scores and prizes, because it is required not to kill anyone on the level which would be impossible with any other frame. So anyone without Ash or Loki and their invisibility would suffer immensely with the scoring system you have envisioned.

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