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Why Isn't My Deth Machine Rifle Gaining Xp?





I'm still a really new player, but I'm loving the game. With the free Platinum given out on the PS4 I purchased my first Sentinel - Dethcube. I've used it in a couple of missions and it's ranking up nicely.


However, the weapon that's equipped to it - Deth Machine Rifle is still marked as "Unranked" and it's XP bar is empty on the Arsenal screen. It doesn't seem to be gaining XP, even though I see the sentinel active in the mission.


I only have one Mod equipped to the Sentinel (in the first slot) - Swift Deth. The weapon has no mods attached.


Please help! I'd love to figure out how to start ranking up my Sentinel's weapon :)



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You need to let the Sentinel get the kills from its own weapon, try hurting the enemies to the point where your sentinel can easily kill them.

Quoted from Warframe Wikia for further info :


Experience gained by Sentinels functions in a similar way to Warframe and weapons. Sentinels will gain experience from the following sources:

  • Precept kills (100% to Sentinel) (needs confirmation)
  • Precept casts (100% to Sentinel, sometimes, but not always, indicated by a XXX Power pop-up when a precept is used)
  • Sentinel weapon kills (50% to Sentinel weapon, 50% to the Sentinel)
  • Ally kills (50% bonus[1] exp to Sentinel and Sentinel's weapon)

Sentinels will not gain experience from the following sources:

  • Your Warframe ability kills (100% to your Warframe)
  • Your weapon kills (possibly bugged; should give 50% bonus[1] exp to Sentinel and Sentinel's weapon)

[1] this experience is not taken away from what your Warframe and weapons would normally gain from kills, but is simply extra experience.

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