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Dose It Take Double The Runs To Get A Rails Hp Past1%


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Dose it take more runs then it use to to move a rails HP past 100% if so plz tell me cause its dosent make sence now. Coase at this very moment my clan is fighting another clan on yursa neptune for control over the node and i know i have set the battle pay  at 5k for 200 Runs and have been micromanaging it over night yet the other rails hp is still at 100% and i have set the battle pay 5 times so far i think i have  payed out well over 5 mill and goten at least a 1000 runs to at least move the rails HP. Or is thats not the way its works can some one plz explain rail HP cuase i am kinda stomped

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it definitely seems like the HP was increased rather than decreased. in the past 12 hours, the rail integrity has barely shifted, if at all. and that's for every single rail


someone at DE didn't check their math, I think


and this is definitely not warframe/ability feedback. move to GD? possibly even mission bugs

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